Crazytown Edit

In Crazytown, the Currency is Wool.

Brown Wool is the lowest level. As of 9/29/2015 at 6 pm, Red Wool is worth 5 Brown Wool.

Eltatero Woods Edit

Currently, Eltatero Woods uses the same currency as Crazytown.

However, potatoes will take effect as currency on 10/1/2015 at 6 pm. A potato is the base currency, with baked potatoes functioning as 3 potatoes, and poisonous potatoes being worth 50 potatoes.

New Civ "Funky Town" Edit

In New Civ, the currency is Eggs.

Yerdua36 and epicanna27 thought up a Gold Currency System, currently only supported by them. Eltatero, New Civ's founder, said no because he and koolkate28 were using gold for powered rails.

Universal currency Edit

Epicanna27 mentioned a currency used all throughout EpicCraft, to go along with the existing system of local currencies. She said she might cheat in 640 Sponge to circulate throughout the server and be used as currency anywhere. Stores that do not accept Sponge may be in trouble.

Exchange rates Edit

1 Brown Wool = 0.333333 Potato

1 Brown Wool = 0.1 Sponge

1 Brown Wool = 8 Eggs

Pushing to change currency Edit

Epicanna27 has mentioned a possibility of Rotten Flesh or Paper being currency instead.

Originally, Blue Wool was planned as being worth 10 Brown Wool, but epicanna27 changed her mind after the Mad Dyer incidents. Afterward, she mentioned Lapis Lazuli as 100 Brown Wool, but Rex101202303 said "Lapis should not be a hundred dollar bill because it is not very rare at all." Lapis is currently shelved as an idea for currency.

Some people say that bartering would just be easier and would like to cancel currency altogether (likely because of disagreements on what the currency should be.) The only known supporter of this is Rex101202303.