Description Edit

EpicPvP is a PvP game built by epicanna27, koolkate28, and Yerdua36 (with help from eltatero to make the obstacles.) It is a bit different from most, having things known as the "Gem of Speed".

Gem of Speed Edit

The Gem of Speed is an emerald giving speed to anyone who holds it. There are different ranks of the Gem of Speed, although only some actually wound up in the kits.

  • Gem of Speed 2.0 | +2 speed | Unused in kits for being way too OP.
  • Gem of Speed | +1 speed | Was once used in Mage, but when Mage was nerfed, it became unused.
  • Gem of Semi-Speed | +0.75 speed | Used in Mage, the fastest kit of all.
  • Gem of Swiftness | +0.5 speed | Used in Knight and Archer, providing "average speed".
  • Gem of Semi-Swiftness | +0.25 speed | Used in Angel, a tank that is intended to be slower than the rest.

The Runner's Boots provide +0.4 speed, resulting in a constant speed slightly slower than that of a Knight or Archer using their Gems. This is actually more powerful than the Knight or Archer, because it can attack while running at max speed. However, they cannot turn off their extreme speed without removing their boots, causing armor level to go down.

Using a Gem is referred to as "gemming" by the players of EpicPvP.

Kits List Edit

  • Knight - an iron-armored fighter with a diamond sword. Being a quite basic kit, it is the ideal kit for players without skill in particular PvP abilities.
  • Archer - a chainmail-armored sniper equipped with a stone axe for emergencies. This is good for the player that is good with a bow and can get enemies from a distance.
  • Mage - a gold-armored warrior with a fire aspect golden sword. The players who have talent in dashing through their enemies while setting them ablaze would make the ideal Mage.
  • Angel - a diamond-armored tank with a wooden sword with special powers. The player that can balance out the extreme advantages the sword gives with the slight speed of the Gem can master the Angel kit.
  • Runner - a leather-armored speed demon with a diamond sword. The players that can run past and strike at the exact right time are the ultimate Runners.

EpicCraft Gaming videos Edit

The channel EpicCraft Gaming made two videos of EpicPvP being played. It can be found here.