Village Edit


Epicanna27 decided that she should add a helpfulness meter. Shortly after this, because she wanted a point, and because she thought it would be fun, Yerdua36 made the Make your own house village, aka MYOHV. (MEE-yoh-hav) Shortly after adding her small house, epicanna27 added hers, shortly after koolkate28 added hers. The population of the village, not including pets, is four, and the number of buildings is four.There are currently 3 pets in the village.

Rules Edit

  • Do not claim land with landlord. This may result in you claiming someone else's house, as it goes by chunk.
  • Pets are allowed
  • Do not make your house too big. You do not need a mansion here.

Helpfulness-O-Meter Edit

If you put down a house, you get a point.

Explosion Edit

The MYOHV was partially blown up on 02/17/2016. It was fixed on the surface with WorldEdit, but Nyleve1123's basement was half-exploded with a giant extra section created by the TNT explosion. This was due to joeybobby6's TNT house in which someone ignited.