Location Edit

Oak Village is located near its creator's mansion (koolkate28's mansion), which is located near spawn.

Residents Edit

  • epicanna27
  • Chicken (now killed)
  • Lever the Zombie (now killed)
  • Yerdua36

Structures Edit

  • Various vacant homes
  • epicanna27's house
  • Chicken's old house
  • Lever the Zombie's old house
  • Jail
  • Cemetery
  • Library
  • Roads

Epicanna27's stable may be considered part of Oak Village, or may be just too far away to be part of it.

Other information Edit

  • Most of Rex101202303's cats were spawned near the "back entrance" of Oak Village.
  • Ender and Robert, two of the many cats of koolkate28, were in the village jail for a long time for teleporting "into" the wall guarding the front of the village.
  • Spike, koolkate28's dog, used to be village guard dog.
  • Despite owning the village, koolkate28 actually lives in her mansion nearby.
  • According to a (deleted) family tree of Rex101202303's cats, most of his cat couples were "married" at Oak Village.