Description Edit

The Whitelist Campaign is a campaign to get more people to join EpicCraft. It was launched by epicanna27 and Yerdua36 in February 2016 and continues to the current date.

Advertising Edit

Epicanna27 and Yerdua36 gave the link to multiple Minecrafters from school and their neighborhoods. You can ask epicanna27 for the link if you want it, but it will not be posted on this website because someone might find it and try to get in to the server.

Dream Edit

The dream of the Whitelist Campaign is that EpicCraft will grow to a server where its users play often, there are people playing all the time, and you can only see "0/25" on the server when it's late at night. Maybe, EpicCraft will become an actual thing at the school attended by the older members of the server (epicanna27, Yerdua36, eltatero, etc). If you are an EpicCraft member, please spread the word to your Minecraft-playing friends who aren't already EpicCrafters!